DACT Line Stage Linear Pre-amp

Verkoopprijs: 189,00 €

Description: DACT Line Stage Linear Pre-amp

CT-101 Pre-amplifier Line Stage


The DACT CT101 is a linear 2-channel wideband audio buffer / pre-amplifier. It is built on a compact PCB, which together with the use of SMD components yields a very short signal path. The CT101 is built as two mono pre-amplifiers on one PCB and can be powered by two individual supplies for dual mono operation if required. The active devices are special ICs, and the power supply connections are decoupled with SMD capacitors.


  • Selectable gain 0, 6 or 12 dB.
  • Wide power supply voltage range.
  • Low supply current.
  • Use of special active devices and SMD resistors for low distortion, large bandwidth and superb sound.
  • Compact PCB, low inductance and low stray capacitance.
  • True dual-mono operation when using separate power supplies for each channel.
  • SMD power supply decoupling capacitors.
  • Dual supply voltage regulators for each channel.
  • All connectors and PCB traces are gold plated.
  • Drives difficult loads and long cables.
  • High-end matching power supply CT102 available.


  • High performance gain/buffer pre-amplifier for CD-players, etc.
  • High performance headphone amplifier.
  • For upgrading Hi-fi and A/V audio equipment.
  • Reference audio pre-amplifier.
  • Large bandwidth amplifier.


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